Dru Sellers
Austin, TX 78723 USA
+1 785/371-4589
Increase Reality

An Engineer

I love building systems, I love learning about how systems are constructed and designed. There is something about unravelling the thoughts of someone else that I find very rewarding. Code and software have given me an outlet that I would never have imagined possible to explore and learn from. If you want to follow along with my adventures in code, you can find me over at CodeBetter

An Entrepreneur

For several years, I have been creating software and building systems. I have been living in a virtual world contributing back via libraries and the spoken word. So when I was approached by a good friend to start a company that would be building actual physical good, it scared me. That didn't last long. So, with my good friend I have also started my own apparel company, called V23 Athletics. Our goal is to bring top of the line fabrics to the seekers of fitness.

An Athlete

I also spend an inordinate amount of time working out, trying to stay in shape so that I can keep coding for as long as possible. I coded up a pr board for myself.