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Weaving Business and Technology


The power is in the conversation, not the tool.

Cash Management (2019Q4)

My non-Finance mindset attempts to solve how we should manage our cash

Beyond Budgeting (2019Q3)

My progress in deploying Beyond Budgeting at OMC in July of 2019


In my attempt to learn more about full text search I'm going through and documenting in my own words some of the key elements supporting full text search analysis.

Adopting Change

Why do novel changes to existing practices drive me crazy?


An overview on my own personal productivity habits

Machine Age vs System Age

Notes on Machine vs System ages while reading "Creating the Corporate Future"


An under utilized goal to prevent fraud

Departments vs Systems

How you structure your organization into departments can impact how you are able to deliver on the value chain

Story of a Bank

Looking for key abstractions can lead to powerful insights.

A Curious Mind

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