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Green Pipes

30 Oct 2016

Earlier this month, my colleague, Jimmy Bogard posted a fantastically concise article about how he composes an application pipeline for processing an application’s various requests using his MediatR framework. He walks through, step by step, how he brings in each separate concern with code examples.

Application Instance

11 Sep 2014

So, if IoC is the Context how do we leverage this concept so we can package it up nicely in our code bases. The goal is to use this context to unlock new aspects.

Type Pool

10 Sep 2014

The Type Pool concept comes from working with the Fubu code base its a pretty simple class that I find makes type scanning much simpler.


08 Aug 2014

Greasy Testing

09 Dec 2013

When I accepted the job to work for Dovetail Software, one of the things that I was most interested to learn about was the mythical testing infrastructure that they had built up. Over the last two years, I have studied the code and this is my attempt to extract the pattern from that team and share it with the greater community.

The Container is the Context

09 Dec 2013

The container is the app context. When I am building a piece of sufficiently complex piece of software, I try very hard to make the container the holder of all of the context.


13 Jun 2013

Do you have a canary in your organization?

The Value of the Value Proposition

12 Jun 2013

Whenever I hear about some businesses ‘Value Proposition’ I almost always roll my eyes. Great another empty statement. Its sad to think this, but too many times I hear people (and myself) state these lofty goals and then completely forget about them in the course of our day to day actions.

Function Composition

09 Jun 2013

FubuMVC and Functional Composition


08 Jun 2013

I work in a language that is strongly and statically typed. I have been working with this language for a very long time. I am often envious of dynamic languages as they can more easily bend and mold to fit certain problems. Often I am faced with problems that seem like a great fit for these languages, but I often need my solution to fit and work with my existing solution and not contained in another project or application.

Warming up

08 Jun 2013

How do we communicate? Passing information between our human brain holes is difficult. We all come from such different places that we have to work hard to establish a shared context, as a team, so that we can speak to each other.