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Link Roundup

Here is a recent link dump of articles that I’ve found and read.


So, I can’t recall I how I got here, but I ended up watching a talk by Rich Harris about “Rethinking Reactivity”. This talk Rich talks about React, how the current Shadow DOM model is inherently slow, and how his tool Svelte takes a different approach. Being a huge fan of compiled languages, I naturally like what Rich has to say. Use a compiler to write a better “framework.” On top of it all, its just a damn well put together presentation.

Corey Quinn

I generally really like what Corey (of Last Week in AWS fame) has to say, and in this podcast he reviews and discusses the complexity of cloud based pricing. I ended up writing about a page of idea to take back to my company to help further streamline our own pricing and tracking.

Ruby Gains Pattern Matching

I’m a big fan of a programming feature called “pattern matching”. I’ve often missed pattern matching in ruby after fresh dive into Rust, F#, clojure, or any other language that has this feature. Work is largely a ruby shop so this upcoming release is looking to be a fun update for me.


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